1. Mechanical Load Brake
The advanced design of the mechanical load brake provides braking without hook drift, independent of the motor brake.


2. Wire Rope
Hight Strength 19x7 IWSC (195kg/mm2 )
Wire Rope has swaged fittings on both ends.


3. Push Button Station
(USA) IP-65 Push Button Station is standard and it’s light weight and durable.


4. Motor Brake
Our DC Brake provides instant braking, with smooth, controlled starting and stopping.


5. Motor
Hoist duty motors are made of heavy cast iron that provide maximum cooling during even the toughest operating conditions. The class F motor insulation ( single speed ) are rated for H4 service. Other insu-lation classes and thermal rating are available upon request.


6. Lift
True vertical lift standard on low headroom hoists.


7. Hook
Our high strength forged steel hook comes equipped with a safety latch and a thrust bearing which enables the hook to swivel 360 degrees.



DC Brake

  • Wear resistant for long life.
  • Whisper quiet with instant action.
  • Integral design makes replacement a snap

Heavy Duty Motor

  • Available with fan cooled design for heavy duty applications.

Mechanical Load Brake

Motor Brake Assembly